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Slim Ambition Keto It is organized in four phases: induction (20 grams of net carbohydrates per day for two weeks), continuous weight loss (carbohydrates begin to be added), previous maintenance (when reaching this stage four or five must have gone down) kilograms and have found the personal balance of carbohydrates, the goal is to maintain the weight achieved during a month) and final maintenance (diet becomes a lifestyle). If the soup burns fat you can only consume it for seven days ... this diet should not be followed for more than three days! However, it promises to lose weight. It is based on consuming food by groups, with the advantage that you can eat everything. The food groups are: carbohydrates, fruits, fats, proteins and vegetables. The idea is to put together the food plan by eating only one group's food every day, all this combined with exercise and plenty of water. Points diet a classic of diets. It has the advantage that it helps to adopt a healthy diet. To start you should find out the points that you should consume per day to lose weight, based on sex, age, current weight, height, and physical activity and weight loss goals. The table assigns a score to each of these characteristics and gives the points to consume per day; then combine with the points of the food portions according to a table and organize the feeding plan so as not to overdo the points. If you are looking for fast weight loss tips online, you will surely find thousands of results with formulas to achieve it, from the most extravagant to others that seem quite realistic. In fact, when the warm weather arrives and we abandon the thick winter coats we discover that ... we have a few extra kilos! Our advice is that you do not let yourself be overcome by despair. Try the different tricks but take your precautions: health comes first! Start with small changes: start your diet by reducing the size of the portions and eliminating the foods that get fatter and less needed, such as sweets, soft drinks, snacks and other foods rich in fats, salts and sugars. Do not eat until you're satisfied: it's always good to stop eating when you feel full, but ... do you know when that happens? In fact, the brain takes about twenty minutes to record the amount of food in the stomach; that’s why you may already be full and your brain has not noticed yet. It is best to stop eating when you feel satisfied but not full.

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