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iphone x cases - BrettRamm - 14-08-2019

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Since iPhone voice memos are essentially audio tracks it makes sense that you should be able to easily port them over to your computer. The iPhone is a media phone that has frequent communication with iTunes, which holds its primary function as an audio playback program. Unfortunately, you do not have the easy option of just syncing your iPhone to iTunes and bringing your iPhone voice memos into your regular library.

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The Store is a core part of every OS today, it should provide users the same experience on every platform: one click install, seemless update and one click uninstall without any leftover. Additionally Store apps can mess up your system and they need to require permission to use hardware like mic, webcam, etc, and info about you, etc, etc. Which you can revoke anytime.
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RE: iphone x cases - robrtosdarky6640 - 14-08-2019

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RE: iphone x cases - abakupauih - 14-08-2019

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